Start Your Own Fund

The Bartlesville Community Foundation can assist you in creating a fund of your own. We provide great flexibility in helping you create endowed funds when you want for the purposes you want.

When You Want:

You and your family can start a fund now, leave instructions for a fund in your will, or create a fund through a trust arrangement that benefits your family and the charities you wish to support. You can also use a variety of assets to start your fund: cash, securities, stocks, real estate, life insurance, tangible personal property, or private foundation assets. Tax benefits occur at the time of your gift and according to the asset donated.

For the Purposes You Want:

The Bartlesville Community Foundation exists to help you accomplish your philanthropic goals. We have a variety of funds available to meet your charitable interests.  Please note that minimums only refer to creating a named fund. You have up to five years to reach the minimum level required.

Types of Funds

Agency Funds:

These funds are established by or for charitable organizations as a source of long-term endowment and annual income.  Funds are named for the organization.  $10,000 minimum.

Example: Agency Funds are great places to make a donation if you aren’t ready to start a fund of your own.

Designated Funds:

Donors may designate one or more specific charitable organizations to receive annual grants from their endowed fund.  Donors may select the fund name.  $10,000 minimum.

Example: You could create a fund where half the income each year goes to your church and half goes to your favorite local charity.

Donor-Advised Funds:

The donor may suggest grants from the fund each year.  The Foundation will accept the donor’s recommendations as long as the request is charitable and legally permissible.  You receive the charitable deduction for the entire gift to your fund, but you can decide where the money goes at a later date. Donors may select the fund name.  $10,000 minimum.

Example: One year you might make a grant to a capital campaign for a new building at your college and the next year make grants to several arts organizations you enjoy.

Field of Interest Funds:

These funds create grants that meet needs in a particular field in Bartlesville that is of interest to the donor. Donors may select the fund name.  $25,000 minimum.

Example: You might create a fund to support projects that provide affordable housing  for low-income families. You can support different organizations each year as long as they fulfill the goals of your fund.

Tailored Funds:

The foundation can also help you reach your charitable goals in other ways by providing planning and offering other tailored fund choices.

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