Flash Philanthropy is a program of the Bartlesville Community Foundation that encourages donors to immerse themselves in the charitable giving process. Flash Philanthropy gives those donors a chance to make a major investment in a nonprofit in an easy, hands-on way.

Think of Flash Philanthropy as Kickstarter in reverse. A group of donors join together by each pledging at least $500 and then seek to find a project to grant the money. The Bartlesville Community Foundation solicits and gathers the grant applications and then allow those in Flash Philanthropy to choose their three favorite proposals. The three finalists make a presentation to the entire group and then donors decide which grant to fund. It’s a great way to become involved in charity in a very personal way.


Flash Philanthropy Grant Application

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  • Flash Philanthropy is a special grant program of the Bartlesville Community Foundation. A group of donors each pledge at least $500 to create a grant pool to help support a Bartlesville non-profit.

    Any 501(c)3 is eligible to apply. Grant requests should not exceed $5,000. The top three applicants, as chosen by the donors, will be asked to make a presentation to the entire Flash Philanthropy group to determine how the grant will be awarded.

    When reviewing applications for grants for the Flash Philanthropy program, the committee will consider the following:

    What type of support is being requested?

    Project or program support- Supports specific projects or programs that help fulfill the mission of the organization.

    Seed money- To establish or initiate a new project or program. Applicants should take care to explain how the initiative will be sustained after the grant.

    Capacity building- Activities that strengthen an organization and help it better fulfill its mission, such as technology, staff, equipment, training, publications, speakers, and conferences. Applicants should pay special attention to how it will measure the success of the increased capacity.

    Other considerations:

    Is the program, project, or capacity for which funding is requested sustainable? In other words, is there confidence that the initiative will continue after Foundation support ends?

    The review committee will pay particular attention to how the grant request employs a creative and unique approach to providing service to the Bartlesville community.

    Questions and request for details are welcome. Contact the Foundation at 918.337.2287.