The Bartlesville Community Foundation is delighted to present you with a grant! Please review the following information and complete the form by the date provided to you in your notification letter to accept your grant.

By completing this form, you/your organization agrees to the following conditions.

  • I/We agree that the funds received will be used solely for the purposes outlined in the grant proposal. Foundation funds will not be used for any other project or expense without the expressed consent of the Foundation.
  • I/We agree to expend the grant funds within one year of receipt and provide a grant report as outlined below upon completion or one year from the date of this acceptance.
  • I/We agree to acknowledge the Bartlesville Community Foundation in all publicity and materials related to the program. If a Foundation logo or quote is required I/We should contact the BCF to request such material. Please contact us at 918.337.2287, by e-mail, or through this contact form.

Reporting Requirements:

  • On the one year anniversary or within 30 days of our projects completion, whichever is sooner, we will provide the Foundation with a written grant report. The report shall include:
    • Information on the completion/success of the project
    • Specific information on how the Foundation’s grant funds were utilized
    • Photographs (if possible) of the project that the Foundation may use for publicity purposes

Recipients who have not yet submitted a report by the deadline are required to return any unexpended funds, or make a written request for an extension of the grant. Failure to report in a timely fashion will be a consideration when applying for future grants from the Foundation.


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