2013 Legacy Hall of Fame inductees Glenn and Ronnie Cox
2013 Legacy Hall of Fame inductees Glenn and Ronnie Cox

The Legacy Hall of Fame Fund seeks to honor the families that have been generous to the Bartlesville community and are members of our Legacy Hall of Fame.

This fall grant cycle looks for applicants with the most innovative proposals in the areas of programs, new initiatives, or capacity building. Applicants may request a maximum of $1,500.

Applications for the Legacy Hall of Fame Fund are accepted in the fall of each year. Learn more about the Legacy Hall of Fame and its members.


This grant is included in the BCF’s fall grant cycle. An announcement will be published and posted on this page when this grant is re-opened for applications.

PRO TIP: Go through the application and copy all requested information onto a word document. Answer all questions in that word document so you can save your work as you go. When you have answered everything to your satisfaction copy and paste answers into the online form. Save the word document for the next time you submit a grant for that project so you don’t have to start from scratch. 

Please use Google Chrome or Safari internet browsers to complete grant applications.

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