To be considered for a scholarship the applicant must be accepted in a medical or health care program in an accredited institution.

Amount Available: The scholarship amount is limited by available funds. Anticipated award is $2,000 paid 50 percent per semester to the applicants school. Verification of grades and enrollment must be provided to the Bartlesville Community Foundation prior to payment of second semester scholarship. Details on due dates will be provided in a scholarship acceptance letter upon receipt of an award.

Eligibility Criteria: The applicant must be a graduating senior attending an accredited high school, or attending college or university with plans to major in a medical or health care field. College and university students as well as non-traditional students returning to school may apply.

Student’s returning to school must provide a copy of their most recent transcript reflecting their most recent graduation: high school, college, or trade school, if applicable.

Required Addendum: Two letters of recommendation from someone unrelated to the applicant are required.

An application will be denied if the information is not complete or if there is falsification or misrepresentation of information on the application. A scholarship may be revoked if the application is found to be falsified after an award has been granted.

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