The Power of Together

Together. Together makes a community possible. Together allows us to share our talents and become more than we ever could alone. Together gives those struggling and hurting the opportunity to recover and give back to those that reached out to them. Together creates art and beauty and meaning for all of us to enjoy. Together knows no limits to what we can accomplish.

At the Bartlesville Community Foundation, we believe in the power of together. We offer a place for donors to invest in the charitable organizations and causes they want to succeed today and tomorrow. And by joining donors together, we can grow faster and invest more in the community with less expense. That means a better, stronger, brighter Bartlesville for everyone.

Please explore our site and learn how the Bartlesville Community Foundation uses the power of together to make your charitable goals a reality.


The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors:

Brittany Shoemake – Chair

Debbie Mueggenborg – Vice Chair

Spencer King – Treasurer

Kristen Lindblom – Secretary

John B. Kane – Past Chair


Bill Beierschmitt

Donna Bode

Sara Freeman

Kevin Hay

Penny Johnson

Jane Kirkpatrick

Cana Mize

Mat Saddoris



FY 16-17 990

FY 15-16 990


Fund Related Policies and Guidelines

Fiscal Sponsor Policy

Fiscal Sponsor Exit/Re-Entry Application

Donor Initiated Fundraising Policy 

State of Oklahoma Raffle Guidelines – Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits

Need additional information? Please contact our office at 918.337.2287