Benefits of Making a Donation

The Bartlesville Community Foundation is a grant-making public charity that is dedicated to improving the lives of people in Bartlesville and the surrounding area. We bring together the financial resources of individuals, families, and businesses to support effective nonprofits.

The BCF strives to be the premier organization that helps everyone, regardless of background or resources, succeed in their realizing their philanthropic goals. This is done through endowed funds, grant making, and a wide variety of charitable programs.

Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions:

Why donate? BCF donors are people with a strong sense of community and personal commitment to the Bartlesville community. Some donors want to support worthwhile causes of special interest to them and the BCF helps find the best way to donate their charitable dollars. Other donors appreciate the flexibility and ease of using the BCF. Because the legal apparatus is already in place, funds can be established in a very short time while obtain the greatest possible tax advantages. In short, we make it easy for the donor.

What are the benefits? Because community foundations manage a large number of unrestricted and discretionary funds, administrative costs and service fees for any one fund are minimized — meaning less overhead cost to the donor’s fund. Another important advantage is that the Federal tax code provides significant incentives for contributions to a community foundation.

The BCF also has a number of different types of funds to accommodate donors who prefer the long-term strategy of endowments as well as those who want to give more actively each year. Donors can choose to establish one of these funds, which allow donors to recommend grants, or can choose to contribute to an existing fund that is flexible to respond to emerging needs in the community.

Don’t you have to be wealthy to donate to a community foundation? No, you do not have to be a Rich Uncle Pennybags (Monopoly game mascot). By combining your resources with those of others who share your interests, you can maximize the impact of modest contributions with minimal administrative costs. We also offer an option for donors to contribute over time to build a fund.

In our ongoing series of articles about the Bartlesville Community Foundation we will further explore the many ways that you too can invest in the organizations and causes important to you. But if you are ready to explore those opportunities now, contact the BCF at 918-337-2287.

Mike Wilt is executive director of the Bartlesville Community Foundation. He can be reached at or 918-337-2287.