Start A Component Fund

Bret and Brittany Shoemake & Family. “We use a donor-advised fund to be strategic with our philanthropy.”

The Bartlesville Community Foundation can assist you in creating a fund. We provide great flexibility in helping you create endowed and non-endowed component funds when you want for the purposes you want.

When You Want:

You and your family can start a fund now for use now, leave instructions for a fund in your estate planning documents for future philanthropy, or create a fund through a trust arrangement that benefits your family and the charities you wish to support. You can also use a variety of assets to start a fund: cash, securities, stocks, real estate, life insurance, tangible personal property, or private foundation assets. Tax benefits occur at the time of your gift and according to the asset donated.


Endowed – a fund established for long-term investment and charitable support and adheres to a maximum annual spend limit to ensure perpetuity

Non-Endowed – a fund established and may or may not be invested, generally for short term support or to achieve short term philanthropic goals

Component Fund – a custom-designed fund established by a donor that may be used to reflect their charitable interests. All component funds at the BCF are an extension of the BCF and are subject to the variance power of the BCF board. All gifts to the BCF and its component funds are legally transferred assets from the donor to the BCF. All component funds are established with a fund agreement to outline the expectations between the donor and the BCF.

For the Purposes You Want:

The Bartlesville Community Foundation exists to help you accomplish your philanthropic goals. We offer a variety of funds to match your charitable interests. Click the link below each fund for specific spending and fee details. Give us a call or stop by to learn more!

Here is a quick glance of the ways the BCF partners with donors like you!

Component Funds at a Glance

Agency Funds 

Designated Funds

Donor Advised Funds 

Scholarship Funds

Field of Interest Funds

Fiscal Sponsor Funds


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