Gorman Family (2009)

The Gorman family contributions can be seen throughout Bartlesville.  When the family established its construction business here in 1904, great accomplishments – and some daunting obstacles – lay ahead.  From successful projects like the building of the Frank Phillips home, Woolaroc, the ITIO building, and a number of schools, the family made its mark on the landscape of our community.  Even through the struggle of the Great Depression and the challenges of World War II, the family never lost its dream for its business.

Through four generations, the Gorman family has successfully developed, constructed and managed property throughout Bartlesville.  But the family also knows the importance of giving back – of working for the benefit of the entire community.  Art, whose grandfather established the company over 100 years ago, learned the value of helping others.

He and his wife, Carolyn, have supported a number of valuable causes and organizations, including the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, and the Bartlesville Public School Foundation.  And they’ve passed that tradition on to their sons, Tom and John, who serve a number of roles in present-day Bartlesville, including the City Council, YMCA, and Youth and Family Services.