Price Family (2012)



H. C. (Hal) Price came to Bartlesville in 1915 as a chemist for the Zinc Company. When the United States entered into World War I, Mr. Price enlisted and served as a first lieutenant of the coast artillery. After the war he returned to his job with the Zinc firm until the company went out of business in 1921. With a small loan of just $ 2,500, Price opened an electric welding company on 2nd street that would eventually revolutionize the oil industry, allowing for larger diameter pipes to be used in natural gas production.

During WWII the H.C. Price Company was one of three prime contractors building a 1700 mile pipeline across the continental divide in Canada. Price’s company was also involved in the construction of Liberty Ships, one of which was name “Bartlesville Victory.” In 1956, the H.C. Price Pipeline Company became headquartered in the 19-story Price Tower, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

H.C. and Mary Lou were also active in Bartlesville’s development and generously contributed to many great causes in our community. Price worked throughout his lifetime in the interest of the nation’s youth. Parallel with his rise in the petroleum industry, he was instrumental in organizing the Bartlesville Boys Club and an active crusader for Little League baseball.