BCF Makes $1.4 Million Impact

At the Bartlesville Community Foundation, we believe in the power of together. We offer a place for donors to invest in the charitable organizations and causes they want to succeed today and tomorrow. By joining donors together, we can grow faster and invest more in the community with less expense. This means a better, stronger, brighter Bartlesville for everyone.

Through continuous development of annual grants, scholarships, and the facilitation of individual philanthropy, the BCF has been able to increase its annual impact year over year. Last year was no exception. As the 2017-2018 fiscal year came to a close, the Foundation reflects on what made last year great and celebrates a $1.4 million-dollar milestone. That is $1.4 million-dollars is invested in local causes and initiatives so that Bartlesville’s necessary organizations continue to serve this community for years to come.

According to Giving USA, last year’s giving boosted 2.7% with an estimated record of more than $400 billion in charitable gifts. These figures include contributions from individuals, foundations, bequests, and corporations. However, giving experts predict this trend will not continue in the coming year. In fact, it is calculated that there will be anywhere from a $14-$17 billion-dollar decrease in charitable giving as a direct result of the new federal tax laws.

At the BCF we help individuals, corporations, and organizations sustain, start, and build their charitable goals. By facilitating local philanthropy and bringing the community together, we have the ability to help everyone weather these predicted changes. This is done through tools like Donor Advised Funds, Agency Funds, Designated Funds, Giving Circles, Scholarship Funds, Planned Giving and more. Community Foundations exist to facilitate the growth and sustainability of local philanthropy which ensure necessary organizations can continue their good works for years to come.

To become part of the “Together” and learn about how your gifts can be transformed into a community investment that lasts forever contact us at 918.337.2287, visit our office at 208 E. 4th St or visit our website at bartlesvillecf.org. We are here to help. To all who have risen to the challenge, thank you!