Community Catalyst Award in Memory of Charlie and Corky Bowerman

Together, we honor Charlie and Corky Bowerman through a Community Catalyst Award, a fitting tribute to their remarkable contributions and unwavering dedication to the advancement of our community. Charlie and Corky were champions of positive change, embodying a spirit of service and leadership that inspired everyone around them. Through tireless efforts, they not only made a lasting impact on our community but set an example that will thrive in the actions of future generations.

The Bartlesville Community Foundation’s Community Catalyst Award recognizes individuals or couples who, like Charlie and Corky, demonstrate exceptional commitment to fostering a sense of service to the community, demonstrate commitment to nonprofits, demonstrate loyalty and a sense of responsibility, perform all actions ethically and with integrity, and drive change through inspiration and leadership.


Any citizen or couple from the Bartlesville area, actively engaged in community organizations, who has demonstrated exceptional commitment and leadership in driving positive change within our community, may be considered eligible. Nominees may be someone who does not generally seek attention or recognition but whose generosity in giving time and sharing talents has been critical to the advancement of charitable work in our community. For example:

  • Individuals who have shown outstanding leadership in addressing community issues and improving the lives of community members.
  • Dedicated volunteers who have contributed significant time and effort to community projects and initiatives.
  • Individuals who have mobilized others and created meaningful change and have had a significant impact on the opportunities and outcomes for members of our community.
  • Leaders of nonprofit organizations who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and effectiveness in serving the community – this includes staff, board members, volunteers, etc.

 To nominate a citizen or couple for the Community Catalyst Award, please complete and submit the following nomination form:

Community Catalyst Nomination Form

Use this form to nominate an individual or couple for the Bartlesville Community Foundation's Community Catalyst Award. Please include your contact information as well as the nominee's. The form includes questions that address the character of the nominee in 5 focus areas. Your answers are limited to 1000 characters, which is about 150 words.

Please provide the name of the person(s) you are nominating. You may nominate an individual or a couple.
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