Bret and Brittany Shoemake Family

We use a donor-advised fund in order to be strategic with our philanthropic interests. Holding a fund with BCF allows our contributions to grow via the market and then we can give more out to nonprofits we care about. BCF has also connected us with new and different nonprofits in the community which has expanded our giving.



Mr. Don Doty

“I wanted to make a positive impact on Bartlesville that will last well into the future.” – Don Doty

It has been his home for nearly nine decades. During that time, Don built an impressive record of professional and community service.

He worked in banking for 38 years including many as a president and chief operating officer. Her served as a trustee of Jane Phillips Medical Center for 54 years including a record 33 years as chairman.

The Frank Phillips Foundation and Woolaroc, Bartlesville Chamber of Commerce, Bartlesville Jaycees, and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church all benefited from Don’s devotion to the community he loves.

“This is my home. I have never found any place better for a home base.” – Don Doty

When it came time to make a meaningful charitable contribution, Don chose the Bartlesville Community Foundation.

Please consider joining Don Doty and countless others who share a love for Bartlesville and are making a real difference through the power of Bartlesville Community Foundation.


Dennis and Debbie Mueggenborg

The Spirit of Together

Dennis and Debbie Mueggenborg made Bartlesville home in 1975 after graduating from college, getting married and accepting positions with Phillips Petroleum Company. Since, they’ve spent that past 43 years being involved and raising their two boys in a community known for his Spirit of Together.

In 1999, Debbie was instrumental in forming the Bartlesville Community Foundation. As a Founding Trustee, she has seen the organization grow from an idea into a vibrant organization.

“When we started the Foundation, we knew it could be valuable to the community, but we really couldn’t imagine the level of impact it has today.” – Debbie Mueggenborg

In 2010 their son, Greg, moved home so Debbie and Dennis could care for him while he dealt with a rare illness. During the next five years, he looked forward to visits from his children, and his greatest joy was taking them to Kiddie Park. When Greg passed away in 2015, Debbie and Dennis looked for a way to honor his memory. This led to the establishment of the Greg Mueggenborg Memorial Fund with the Foundation. Donations could be made and later used to purchase “Mugg’s Whirlybird”, a ride that now allows older children and adults to enjoy the park as much as Greg and his children.

“The fund at the Foundation memorialized Greg’s legacy in a place where he found so much joy. We hope it helps others make happy memories too.” – Debbie Mueggenborg

Charlie and Corky Bowerman

Family of Philanthropy 

Charlie and Corky Bowerman called Bartlesville home for the first time in 1961. Although Charlie’s career with Phillips took the Bowerman family to many cities, they put down their deepest roots in Bartlesville and made it their permanent residence in retirement. Charlie and Corky have always been advocates for their community and have shared their talents with many organizations. One of their most notable contributions was made in 1999 when they identified the need for a community foundation and acted to spearhead the efforts to establish the Bartlesville Community Foundation.

“With our fund at the Foundation, our girls often times get involved in grant making decisions. It’s something many families can do together” – Charlie Bowerman

The Bowermans’ passion for advocating the vision of a community that acts together today to stay together tomorrow was a perfect preface to the legacy of the Bartlesville Community Foundation.

“Many didn’t really know the possibilities of the impact a Foundation could have on the community.” – Corky Bowerman