Scholarship Information and Instructions:

The various scholarships offered by the Bartlesville Community Foundation are listed on the left. Please visit the appropriate link for each scholarship, and follow the specific submission instructions for each. General instructions are also included below.

Email Address: The e-mail address you provide in your application should be one you will continue to use after graduation.

Essays: For any application that requires an essay, please make sure your name and the name of the scholarship are included at the top of the document.

Letters of Recommendation: If your application requires a letter(s) of recommendation, please make sure it is emailed to These must be emailed by the author, not the student, and they must be received by the scholarship deadline.

Transcript: An OFFICIAL* transcript must be e-mailed, mailed or delivered to the BCF office by the scholarship deadline. If mailed/delivered, the name of the student and the scholarship MUST be written on the front of the envelope. Transcripts may also be e-mailed by the school to

*Official transcripts have been stamped and sealed by your high school counselor or administrative office.

FAFSA: Where required, upload your entire, submitted FAFSA file, ALL pages. For instructions on how to access a pdf version of your FAFSA document, go to this link on the Federal Student Aid website.

If your family has experienced a change in financial circumstance that had a negative impact on household income and would not be reflected in the tax documents used to file your FAFSA, please call the BCF office for guidance on providing a letter of explanation.

Applications must be completed by the student. Entries will be evaluated by a review committee, and final decisions will be made by the Bartlesville Community Foundation Board. Incomplete applications and extraneous documents will not be considered. An application will be denied if the information is not complete or if there is falsification or misrepresentation of information on the application. A scholarship may be revoked if the application is found to be falsified after an award has been granted.

Award recipients will either be recognized at their high school awards assembly or will be notified directly by the Bartlesville Community Foundation no later than May 31st of that application year. Please direct any questions to the Bartlesville Community Foundation at (918) 337-2287 or Scholarship recipients will be required to complete and return a scholarship acceptance form, providing necessary information about their school of choice, prior to grants being paid to the school.