Below are some commonly asked questions about scholarships and the Bartlesville Community Foundation’s scholarship process.

  1. Do I have to be a resident of Bartlesville to apply for a Bartlesville Community Foundation (BCF) scholarship?
    Not necessarily, but it is dependent on the scholarship requirements. Some scholarships are for students who attend schools outside Bartlesville. If you meet the scholarship requirements, you may apply.

  2. How many BCF scholarships can I apply for?
    You can apply for as many scholarships for which you are eligible.

  3. What is an “unweighted” GPA?
    An unweighted GPA calculates your overall average grade out of 4.0, without regard to the difficulty of your coursework. A weighted GPA reflects both grades and course levels. Please provide your unweighted GPA when asked to provide GPA information. This will be confirmed using your official transcript.

  4. What should I use for my mailing address?
    You should use your primary address. This is the address where you would receive all mailed correspondence.

  5. Should I include volunteer work on my application? If so, where?
    Absolutely! Volunteer work can showcase your skills and interests and your involvement in the community. Please include this experience in the “activities” section of your application.

  6. If I am required to provide a reference from the school faculty, who does that include?
    If the scholarship asks for a letter from a counselor, that is your school counselor. If it asks for a letter from a general faculty member of a school or college, that is defined as the academic personnel, including the teachers and professors, and the student may select an individual of their choice. A school’s athletic coaches are also considered faculty.

  7. What else should I know about letters of recommendation?
    f a scholarship is asking for a letter of recommendation, there will be a field on the application for the student to share who will be writing that letter on their behalf. These letters should come directly from the individual(s) writing the letter. It is preferred that the letters be e-mailed to the BCF by the author to or mailed to the BCF office. If a student brings in the letter, the letter should be provided to the student in a sealed envelope and the seal should be signed by the author.

  8. Will my references see my scholarship application?

  9. What constitutes being related to a BCF staff, Board, or Committee member?
    You are related to a BCF staff, Board, or Committee member if they are your spouse or domestic partner, child, parent (including in-law, adoptive, half-, step-, foster, etc.), grandparent, sibling (including adoptive, foster, step-, or half-), aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, or cousin.

  10. Who are the members of the BCF staff, Board, and Scholarship Committee?
    BCF Staff:
    BCF Board and/or Scholarship Committee:

  11. What is an “official” transcript, and why is it required?
    Transcripts are considered official when they have a qualified school official’s signature and the school seal embossed on the document. An official transcript should be emailed by the school, or a company contracted by the school (Parchment, for example), directly to the BCF. A photocopy or digital copy provided by the student applicant to the BCF is not official. An official transcript is required for the BCF scholarship process to verify your GPA and course work.

  12. How do I request a transcript?
    Students can usually request your transcript from your high school counselor or college registrar’s office. Most schools offer an online service (like Parchment, for example) for requesting transcripts. You should have an option to “request a transcript” in your school account.

  13. What is a FAFSA, and why is it required?
    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is the form you must complete and submit to receive various forms of financial aid from the federal government: grants and loans. Colleges use the FAFSA data to determine your eligibility for other types of aid: college specific scholarships, for example. The BCF scholarship process requires that you complete your FAFSA to assure that you are tapping all potential sources of college funding. FAFSA data is only considered for awards with “financial need” in the scholarship criteria.

  14. How do I complete and submit a FAFSA, and is there a fee?
    To complete the FAFSA form, go to the Federal Student Aid website: There is no fee to complete and submit the form. YOU SHOULD NEVER PAY FOR SCHOLARSHIP OR FAFSA INFORMATION!!! You should expect to register for your FSA ID and receive that ID in 24-48 hours before you can begin the FAFSA application.

  15. How can I get a copy of my FAFSA application?
    Log in to with your account username and password (FSA ID). Keep in mind that we are asking for a copy of your completed FAFSA application. This can be a 12–14-page file. If you submit only the first page entitled Student Aid Report (SAR), this will not fulfill the application requirement and your submission will be considered incomplete.

  16. If I submit my scholarship material online, do I need to bring anything into the BCF office?
    All material submitted online is valid. The application should be submitted through the BCF website unless otherwise stated on the application. All supporting documents/materials should be submitted to

  17. If the BCF office is closed, can I still submit my scholarship material?
    All material should be submitted electronically and will contain a time stamp. Material received after the scholarship deadline is not considered. The website is open 24/7. If a scholarship does require physical material to be submitted to the BCF office, it can be submitted outside of BCF office hours by use of the lock box to the right of the BCF office door. Material received after the scholarship deadline is not considered.

  18. Who will see my application, including my personal information?
    Your application and any relevant attachments and/or addendums will be reviewed by the BCF staff and any relevant scholarship committees.

  19. Who makes the scholarship award decisions?
    The BCF Scholarship Committee and sub-committees review the applications and make recommendations to the BCF Board. The BCF board makes the final award decisions.

  20. How many scholarships will be awarded?
    This depends on available funding. In some cases, one award may be granted. However, some years more than one award may be granted.

  21. How do I know if I’ve been awarded a scholarship?
    Award announcements will be made at high school awards assemblies. If you are not a high school student or are unable to attend the awards assembly, the BCF or your high school will contact you directly.

  22. How do I receive scholarship money?
    If you are awarded a scholarship, the BCF provides you with an Award Letter and Acceptance Form. This Acceptance Form will collect information from you about your college choice and must be returned to the BCF. Scholarships that will be paid in the first semester will be sent directly to your school’s Bursars Office in late July or early August. Scholarships that are renewed or paid in the spring semester will be sent to your school’s Bursars Office in early January.

  23. I was awarded a scholarship that is paid over multiple years and/or semesters. What does the BCF need from me to continue this payment?
    The BCF requires proof of enrollment and an official transcript after each semester to ensure you continue to meet the qualification requirements of your award. This information should be provided no later than July 1st for fall payments and December 31st for spring payments. Keep in mind, we require OFFICIAL transcripts (as defined above) and this may take time to request from your school.