Melvin Shoesmith established this scholarship for graduating students of Copan High School with a financial need related to attending college or technical school. The scholarship is intended for students whose family does not have the financial resources to send the student to college or technical school. Although financial need is the emphasis, the student’s grade point average will also be considered during the evaluation process.

Amount Available: 

The scholarship amount is $1,000. The recipient’s designated college or technical school will be paid $500 each semester for the first year of enrollment.

Eligibility Criteria: The applicant must be a senior attending Copan High School. In the event Copan High School no longer exists, the scholarship applies to the school where Copan students attend. The high school grade point average must be 2.5 or above on a four-point scale.

Letters of Recommendation: 

Please submit two letters of recommendation to the BCF office. Letters must be submitted in sealed/signed envelopes with the student’s name and the scholarship name on the envelope before the scholarship deadline. A portion of each letter should address the financial need of the student. One letter must be from a high school counselor. the second letter can be from any unrelated community member, instructor, mentor, pastor, etc. of the student’s choice.

Required Addendum: 

Please submit an essay of 200 words or less that describes your immediate family’s financial resources and your plans for financing your higher education.

This application is now closed.